Passing along the passion and the dream from generation to generation Yasser  Younes  Jewellery  has been creating  fine jewellery since 1983. In line with its tradition of craftsmanship, creativity and originality, the goldsmiths and gem setters at YY today, continue to create extraordinary and timeless pieces. Additionally,  Yasser Younes  with his background in Gemology  established a name for himself  as  an expert in the use of precious gems.  YY Jewellery  is one of the few jewellery Boutiques  that still carries out every step of production in-house, able to independently produce everything  allowing flexibility while maintaining their high standards of quality and precision craftsmanship: from casting the gold to working it and applying the appropriate finish.


Many years ago, YY set the standard for its jewellery, high quality, fine craftsmanship and creative designs, a marriage of East and West.

It is the clarity of YY pieces that transforms its creations beyond mere jewellery   into a statement of style and uniqueness.

Every piece tells a story. It speaks to you, whispers gently in your ear, caresses your neck and hugs your fingers.

Passion is what drives us. Every creation is a statement, punctuated with highest quality gems. Yasser Younes  Jewellery  has an unmistakable character: strong and distinct. Just like the women who wear it.


Simultaneously, gems are selected in the “Workshop” according to the properties and weight in carats. The creation of a piece,  requires not only experience and good taste when choosing gems that will form a harmonious whole, but an expert eye when it comes to color.

Jewellery  can also be created according to client wishes. Each selected stone is then set by the gem setter who forms the precious metal around it till secure. This is followed by meticulous process of filling, sanding and polishing necessary to ensure every YY piece radiates the captivating beauty for which Yasser Younes Jewellery   is renowned.